Onion Tanks

GeoCHEM Flexible Containment specializes in the production of superior performing flexible tanks and bladder products.  Some of our standard product lines include Zipper Top Onion Tanks, Roll Top Onion Tanks and Open Top Onion Tanks. All of our Onion Tanks lines are suitable for potable and non-potable water storage.

Our Water storage tanks are easy to install, and can collapse to around 15% of their full size. Onion tanks are ideal for military applications as well as use by commercial companies who have remote site requirements for liquid storage. Our tanks are engineered to withstand a 10% slope. All tanks are stability tested at 10% to ensure compliance. Whenever and wherever there is a need for temporary or semi-permanent liquid storage, our tanks are the proper answer to your needs.

Open Top Onion Tanks  | Roll Top Onion Tanks | Zipper Top Onion Tanks

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