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Distribution, Storage and Spill Containment Systems for Fuel and Water.  GeoCHEM, Inc. Tanks, Bladders, and Berms can be used individually or collectively as part of an integrated solution.  Higher standards and operating procedures result in the industry's highest quality storage and containment products on the market today.  We combine lean manufacturing principles with innovative design capabilities to supply the U.S. Military, Government Institutions, and the Private Sector Worldwide.

Our flexible secondary containment berms are fast and simple to set up and use offering a versatile and reliable solution for containment and protection. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes of liquid containment tanks and pillows as well as customer specified sizes to meet your needs. Our products are environmentally friendly and meet EPA Pesticide Container Regulations set forth in 71 FAR 47330.

Flexible Spill Pan | Flexwall Berm | Foam Containment Berm | Snap Up Berm | Throw N Go Berm | Throw N Go Containment Liner | Throw N Snap Berm


Flexwall Berms

Innovative design allows driver to enter/exit without leaving the vehicle. Click here for Spec Sheet

Flexible Spill Pans

Durable 3" foam logs allow spill pan to be driven on by any angle. Click here for Spec Sheet

Foam Berms

Durable foam logs allow vehicles to drive over them and still retain their original shape. Click here for Spec Sheet 

Snap-Up Berms

Snap-up support provides a sturdy side wall for excellent spill containment. Click here for Spec Sheet

Throw 'N Go Berms

Heavy-duty 30 ounce fabric is appropriate for water, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals. Click here for Spec Sheet

Throw 'N Go Containment Liners

Provides portable instant secondary containment for fuel bladders. Click here for Spec Sheet

Throw 'N Snap Berms

Walls can be used in an upright position using interior wall supports, or lay flat. Click here for Spec Sheet

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