Nonwoven Paving Fabrics

AASHTO advises the number one cause of roadway deterioration is water saturation in the subgrade below the pavement.  FHWA advises that up to two-thirds of the water that strikes an asphalt surface passes through to the subgrade. Water softens the subgrade, reducing the structural capacity of the pavement by as much as 60%. In fact, a pavement with a base that is saturated a little as 10% of the time will only have half the life-span of a pavement with a dry base.

Paving fabrics are nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene fabrics that have a forty year history of improving pavement performance and extending pavement life. Properly installed, paving fabrics are an important part of an overlay system that can:

  • Eliminate water intrusion through the asphalt
  • Slow reflective cracking
  • Increase the flexibility of the pavement system

Nonwoven Paving Fabric Data Sheets (PDF's)

GEO-3.8-90P - 3.8 oz/sy Paving Fabric (90 lb Tensile Strength)
GEO-4.2-100P - 4.2 oz/sy Paving Fabric (102 lb Tensile Strength)

GEO-5.0-120p - 5.0 oz/sy Paving Fabric (120 lb Tensile Strength)


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