Asphalt Welder - Polymer

Percol Asphalt Welder Machine DispensedPERCOL Asphalt Welder is a machine dispensed polymer for restoring hairline cracks in asphalt. This low viscosity, rapid curing polymer penetrates spidered and hairline cracks. Cracks 1/8" and wider are filled with sand then saturated with Asphalt Welder to form a high strength polymer asphalt. Spalls are repaired with 1/4" to 1" aggregates depending on size and depth of spall.

PERCOL Asphalt Welder re-bonds hairline and spidered asphalt. This thin, penetrating polymer is applied with the PERCOL Vari-Flo Plural Componenet Machine or from 21 oz. twin-pack cartridges with our dual cartridge gun. Asphalt Welder restores asphalt strength by penetrating and re-bonding cracks. Large cracks are sand filled then saturated with Asphalt Welder to form a high strength polymer asphalt. 

PERCOL Asphalt Welder is non-flammable, waterproof, and protects from freeze / thaw spalling. Successful repairs are possible in cold or hot weather. There are no peroxides or heavy metals. There is little odor on application, and it is safe to use.
Packaging: "A" and "B" components are packaged in equal volumes in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon barrels, or 5 gallon pails. Shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers stored indoors. For small jobs apply PERCOL Asphalt Welder from 21 ounce cartridge kits with our hand operated dispensing guns.

Also available in 21 oz Dual Cartridge Kits

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